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Meet the Crew

perfor[Hu]mance.® is a family-owned operation. The platform was cultivated from the perspective that As a Human, You're a Performer.™ Meet the minds that created the lifestyle.

Ford Dyke, Ph.D.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Kinesiology 

Concentration: Performance and Exercise Psychophysiology 

Auburn University | Auburn, AL, USA

Master of Education (M.Ed.), Exercise Science

Concentration: Sport and Exercise Psychophysiology 

Auburn University | Auburn, AL, USA

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Psychology

Concentration: Sport and Exercise Psychology

University of North Florida | Jacksonville, FL, USA

Human Performance Consultant

Human Performance Optimization subject-matter expert Dr. Ford Dyke delivers his innovation through Podcasts, Consultations, Workshops, Webinars, and Seminars.


Dr. Dyke collaborates globally with high-level performers such as corporate executives, elite athletes, first-responders, and military personnel. His methodology integrates components of his Professorship, Team USA Athlete career, and experience as a Performance Coach for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee.


Dr. Dyke's education, professional experience, and personal journey led to the creation of perfor[Hu]mance.® | A multidimensional space for The Human Experience.

As a native of the seaside community of Jupiter Beach, Florida, he remains mindful of an ocean breeze and waves breaking on the sand. 

Carol Dyke, CFO


Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Business Administration 

Concentration: Accounting

California State University, Long Beach, CA, USA


Notary of Public 

Collection Law Strategy 

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals

Business Performance Consultant

Carol Dyke is a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with 40 years of expertise and over 20 years of financial acumen in the country club industry. She has a unique combination of Fortune 100 public, private, not-for-profit, and small business enterprises experience including an entrepreneurial niche of over 10 years in a business model that she conceptualized and executed. Her strengths include strategic planning, budgets, and forecasting with emphasis on best practices and GAAP regulation.

Confidence, communication, and conflict resolution are traits that Carol mastered as a member of a large family. She is a generational entrepreneur with 9 siblings, all of whom are accomplished business owners. She raised her 4 children along the sands of Jupiter Beach, Florida to instill in them a sense of tranquility, equanimity, and a seaside state-of-mind. 

Jence Rhoads, COO


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Kinesiology 

Concentration: Motor Learning and Performance 

Auburn University | Auburn, AL, USA

Master of Education (M.Ed.), Exercise Science

Concentration: Biomechanics 

Auburn University | Auburn, AL, USA

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

Concentration: Global Perspectives

Vanderbilt University | Nashville, TN, USA

Jence Rhoads, Ph.D.

Director of Operations

Jence Rhoads is a Kinesiologist and Team USA Athlete with over 10 years of experience in elite athletics. Dr. Rhoads specializes in Motor Learning and Performance and Skill Acquisition. She is passionate about Human Performance Optimization, efficiency, and productivity. This passion has fueled her pursuit of digital marketing and customer success. She is skilled in SEO and CRM and holds certification in Google Analytics, Google Ads, and HubSpot email marketing.

As a professional athlete in two sports, Dr. Rhoads is satisfied when the processes and operations are firing on all cylinders. She thrives under high-pressure, loves to solve problems, and enjoys a real challenge. 

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