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The evidence-based approach to 

Human Performance Optimization 

Why Human Performance Optimization?

Human Performance Optimization (HPO) is the process of applying data-driven evidence, personal experience, and emerging technologies to optimize and sustain human performance.

As a Human, You are a Performer.
Image by ANIRUDH
perfor[Hu]mance.  reincorporates the Human Element [Hu] into performance.

Our mission is to optimize you and the performance of your 6-degrees of separation.


Health + Well-being 
Ford Dyke_CEO.jpg
Ford Dyke, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Dyke XXXX 

Business + Financial
Carol Dyke_CFO.jpg
Carol Dyke


Ms. Dyke XXXX



We collaborate globally with a variety of clients such as corporate executives, elite athletes, academicians, first-responders, and military personnel. 


The platform offers three Performance Plans (Titanium, Platinum, and Gold) customized for small, medium, and large organizations.

Kneeling Astronaut

perfor[Hu]mance taught me the approach to enhance concentration and maintain focus; as a result, my performance has been optimized beyond all expectations.

EriC FinCH

Account Executive, MariaDB

Ready to optimize?