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The evidence-based approach to

Human Performance Optimization. 

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Why Human Performance Optimization?

Human Performance Optimization is the process of applying data-driven evidence, professional experience, and emerging technologies to calibrate, elevate, and sustain human performance.

As a Human, You are a Performer.
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Fields of Optimization

Our subject-matter experts specialize in two fields of Human Performance Optimization:

Wellness + Workplace

Ford Dyke, Ph.D.

Lead Wellness Consultant

Dr. Dyke synthesizes his knowledge in the fields of Psychology, Exercise Science, and Kinesiology as well as his experience as a Team USA Athlete and Performance Coach to optimize individual and organizational performance, health, and well-being.

Carol Dyke, CFO

Lead Workplace Consultant

Carol leverages 40 years of professional experience to optimize the workplace. She evaluates organizational structures, identifies opportunities for financial performance, and offers employee recruitment, development, and retention solutions.

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perfor[Hu]mance.® reincorporates the Human Element [Hu] into

Our mission is to make

Human Performance Optimization

accessible to you and your 6-degrees of separation.

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Carol is a very solid addition – great organizational skills, competent and knowledgeable, willing to take on new tasks. She is good at partnering with departments to improve standards, systems and controls.”

Jesse K. Thorpe


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